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NickT says: The MP3 Player is loaded with about 30 new mastered songs from Cosmic Dolphin!!!!!  8) ;D ;D ;D 8) 8)
Mr. Mom says: Nod
NickT says: Hello...hello....hello
Is there anybody in here?
Just nod if you can hear me
NickT says: Mark (CD) sent a bunch of new songs over the were mastered. Will be adding them to the player! 8)
NickT says: Managed to get the mp3 player up and the Collab-Menu. Slowly but surely. And a special thanks to Gerk/Mark for getting out collab search working with the new PHP.  ;D 8) ;)
Albino says: Life truly IS a bitch
Albino says: Sorry! But 67 is no age!
AndyG6508 says: I listened to XYZ, Limelight and Fly By Night.
Albino says: re-discovering RUSH
Albino says: any chance of a scroll bar on the shoutbox? Feel I'm missing old messages.
NickT says: I listened to A farewell To Kings...So....Had to Listen to Hemispheres!  8)
Gerk says: :'(
Mr. Mom says: That sucks! All the bands I grew up with are becoming extinct. At least their music will live 4-F-R
Albino says: Very sad news. RIP Neil.
NickT says: I've logged a lot of listening hours with Rush. Sober or High, it is always great!
 :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(
AndyG6508 says: You know it's alright, I said it's alright
I guess it's all in my heart, my heart
NickT says: I saw a lion
hewas standing alone
with a tadpole in a jar....
AndyG6508 says: MCS=Most Cool Site :)
NickT says: You are welcome!
Mr. Mom says: WAHOO!! Our shout box is back! Thanks, Nick... and Happy New Year.
NickT says: Hello!
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