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Pitch shifter or split harmonizer plugins

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Just wondering what people use and perhaps the settings they use for these types of plugins.

Pitch shifter or split harmonizer plugins

Basically one of the better plugs is soundtoys "SoundBender pitch bender" however I dont own or use this plugin because of the cost...I also think it can only be used in Pro tools however I could be wrong though.

Another choice could be "waves doubler"

I dont use this plugin very much however it can be used for vocals and other instruments like keyboard ect...basically take vocal track and duplictae it twice so you now have 3 tracks.

Below is the extent of my knowledge on how to use doubler

Lead Vox up the middle
Copy of original pitched down 10 cents
2nd copy of original pitched up 10 cents
Slide the first copy back 20ms
Slide the second copy back 40ms


I usually pan the doubler tracks 50 % left and right


I also use 2 free plugins that sound pretty decent even though Im still learning what settings sound best.

Split Harmonizer (free)

MadShifta (free)

Just wanted to make a thread on these plugs because Im wondering what everyone else is using and maybe I can find out about a few more decent plugins I dont know about yet and perhaps learn something as well.

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Hi Vince,
I just stumbled over this split-harmonizer you mention: Works really cool on vocals. My used setting on it is 9cent up/down, 10ms l/r, mix 100% when used as send-fx...
Really cool, easy-to-use and FREE! ;)


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Hi Vince,
I just stumbled over this split-harmonizer you mention: Works really cool on vocals. My used setting on it is 9cent up/down, 10ms l/r, mix 100% when used as send-fx...
Really cool, easy-to-use and FREE! ;)

Ive been using the madshifter and the split harmonizer on individual tracks.

I take vocal track and duplicate twice so there are 3 vox tracks.

I adjust settings depending on the vocals and how they were recorded...I found a decent setting yesterday for Tricia's vox using the madshifter.

Track 1-Compress eq as you would normally (then add reverb or use send)...panned centered
Track 2-Madshifter...+ 8 cents    (25% delay)...panned left 100%
Track 3-Madshifter...- 8 cents    (0 % delay)...panned right 100%

if 25 and 0 delay doesnt sound great for your vocal take then mess with the dealy %...20,40.25,0 ect.

You can also experiment with adding a flanger on track 2 or 3 or perhaps flanger on both track 2 and 3.

the method above makes for a fuller vocal sound and spreads the vocals and makes them wider.

I like both plugins...split harmonizer and the madshifter...they really add a new dimension to vocals.

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Just updating thread.

I now treat main vocal track then mix down (to save CPU)...usually treat with comp,deeser,another vocal comp and EQ

once I have my main vocal treated then I duplicate vocal track then add split harmonizer on second track only and kind of use Doc's settings...I use 9 or 10 cents up and down...25 % delay which is kind of like a 1/4 note delay (I think) and leave mix at 50% on each + and - cent...I dont use plug as a send...i use it directly on track with the settings I mentioned however plug can be used as a send as well.

then I add a flanger to second vocal have to really dial in has to be subtle.

So basically you have two treated vocal tracks but one track has harmonizer and flanger.

What about reverb?...add reverb as a send to the first vocal track without harm or flang.


Another huge tip...add harmonizer on one guitar track...It is da bomb however you have to treat the guitars properly for it to work right...harm seems to smooth out guitars in a good way.

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Except for some special effect, all I use on vox is Eq, compressor and delay or reverb. Most of the time, delay.
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Yeah give it a try Doc

I usually double track guitars and the add harminzer to one of the tracks.

Also depending on guitar sound a tremolo plugin will sound good as well...wrorks great on clean guitars...Slight tremolo sound on one guitar really adds something to the mix...use trem and harm or maybe just use trem or harm and not both...experiment.

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Old Thread.

I no longer use the split harm thing anymore.

Instead I triple track vocals.

There is a slight difference in each vocal track that creates a harmonizing effect.


You can still use the split harm effect on the tripled vox as well to get an even more enhanced vocal track...Mixer's discretion of course.



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