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Google docs has been in the news lately.

It would work for people to work on song lyrics in real time or keep updated versions...

I'll have a look.

Choose who can access your documents and spreadsheets.
Just enter the email addresses of the people with whom you want to share a given file and send them an invitation.

Share instantly.
Anyone you've invited to either edit or view your document or spreadsheet can access it as soon as they sign in.

Edit with others in real time.
Multiple people can view and make changes at the same time. There's an on-screen chat window for spreadsheets, and document revisions show you exactly who changed what, and when.


Edit from anywhere.
There's nothing to download; you access your documents and spreadsheets from any computer with an Internet connection and a standard browser.

Safely store your work.
Online storage and auto-save mean you needn't fear local hard drive failures and power outages.

Easily save and export copies.
You can save your files to your own computer in DOC, XLS, CSV, ODS, ODF, PDF, RTF and HTML formats.


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