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Ain't No Denying Me

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Ain't No Denying Me

Is it rare?
To show up in Georgia
And say my peaches are gold?

Catch a shiver
Oo, oo, sweetie,
I'll make sure you never catch a cold.

Save yourself.
Stop your preening.
You can't beat retreating

Once I hold you.

Can you whisper my name?
Can't you whisper . . .

Close the door?
Close your eyes.
Hear my voice--
I will guide you home.

Oh, my lord!
What will the sheep think
When Little Bo-Peep
Comes home with rosy cheeks?

Is it new?
Is that what you think?
The river's old.
Once you taste the water
Won't you love


I'll lift the shell
You've been hiding under
Let yourself go
Whisper the thunder . . .

Close the door.
Close your eyes.
Throw your head back,
Surprise yourself.

Oh, my lord!
What will them little sheep think
When Little Bo-Peep

Starts screaming?

[Segue to Outro]
Ain't no denying me.

Oooooooo x 4


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