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another page 62 [female, singer-songwriter-type song]

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Another Page 62
Dear diary, woke up tired, ready to go back to bed.
Went to work—let’s not talk about it ;)
Came home and painted my room, just needed a change I guess . . .
Because all around me everything is white white—
These fluorescent lights are going straight to my head!
So I came home and painted my room blue,
And I wrote a little bit about nothing in you,
Over my bed, hung up a poster of my favorite girl singing,
“Oh . . .”
Same old refrain,
See page 62:
A love beginning, thinking through it . . . Too
Early to sleep, went out to my car instead.
[Spoken:] Something something something, then
Woke up next to a man, back against me,
Hand on my hand.
Moonlight on his skin,
Quiet, heavy, sleeping.
Was it something about the way I saw him
Lying underneath the sheets as I said goodbye baby?
Went home and sat in the corner of my blue room,
Needed to talk to you to get your standard lines,
Underneath the poster of my girl singing,
“Oh . . .”
Now I can’t get back to sleep, diary.
Wish’d I knew what you were thinking about this mess :(
Sometimes I want to be the girl in distress,
But I gotta get up to early to think about this now—
Maybe I’ll pretend to be sleeping and I’ll fool the sun . . .
But this girl keeps singing,
Is she singing about him?
Is she singing about you?
Is she wondering when he’ll wake up confused?
How she ended up in the corner of this blue room?
Why she left another page 62?


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