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Promises and Eggs [country for female]

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Promises and Eggs

I dropped a dozen eggs,
And my mama said,
"Some things just break."
Not like the evening breaks
I break. You're not in bed, and, baby,
I just don't know why.
Cooking supper, and I smell it burn,
And it burns, and I get burned,
And I just smile . . .
I can't stay . . .
I can't stay . . .
I can't stay . . .
But I am not here, anyway . . .
I ain’t Catholic,
So thinking ain’t no sin:
I can hold my keys.
I often wonder if
This other cunt can give
Him security.
I hear them Bible words,
And I curse them and get cursed . . .
Must be worse hell to pay.
Words can't say x 3
But I ain’t seen ‘im yet today.
Maybe I could plead the fifth and suffer only meager.
Maybe I could plead with him and get that boy to leave her--
Babe, your gone and gone again.
Don't say it hurts to leave me when
You just can't leave your little bitch alone!
Maybe I could pay a fool to tell me what to do,
Then maybe I could live my life up lyin' next to you?
Maybe promises and eggs,
Maybe promises and eggs,
Maybe promises like eggs . . .
Distant thunder hits,
So I promise him
I won’t leave today.
Tell me that a kiss
Isn't better when
You give your hand away.
Between God and him,
I keep wondering
When I'll get saved, love . . .
And I pray,
And I pray,
And I pray.
But no one's listening anyway . . .


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