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Sugarcaine [sexy pop, female]

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[Verse, Guitar Voice]
Your sugar (oh)
Makes me weak in the knees.
Give me a little more honey;
Oh, I love how it stings.
I gotta simmer in the kitchen--
Could you come upstairs?
I've got a headache that I need to relieve.

Won't you share . . .

I need . . .

[Chorus, Violin Voice]
You're sugarcaine,
Your sugarcaine
Gets me.
Your sugarcaine .  .  .
I need
Your sugarcaine.
I'm weak . . .

[Bridge, High Hat Voice]
I've tasted sugar water,
When I needed a drink--
I had a doubt about it
Butcha do whatcha need.
I took a sugar pill
But it wasn't the thing--
I gotta getta got it,

I need a piece . . .

[Chorus repeat]

[Instrumental Bridge with " mmm" vocals]

[Chorus repeat]


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