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Go Go Go [rock for male]

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Go Go Go

She'll catch you when you fall
By pointing her finger.
She'll make time for you, yeah,
You're doing time.

Think she keeps you warm at night?--
By giving you a fever? Please.

She's a sunburn blanket,
She's a metal jacket,
She's a bad memory just waiting
To happen--

Whatcha wanna do now?
Whatcha gonna do now?
You collared a mouse, now you're calling her Fifi!

Go go go!

Take the candle out the game,
Take the money out the wager,
All you need to sign is your walking papers.

Go. Dig up the hatchet, give it a swing,
It'll feel like cheese and mah mah macaroni.

I can tell from your black eye
You're s-s-s-soft in the head, you gotta straighten your spine, take a number from the butcher or get out of line.

Go, go.

Go go go!

Boy, you think you're praying cause
Her sweetness broke your knees?
Think you're drinking honey
Cause it stings?


Miss Madonna loves you,
Madonna of the Reptiles,
You got a nasty bite, and a dozen flies,
And you let it slide,
Because your heart's still beating?

You think a bonnet on an alley cat makes her less mean?
Put a scooper in a bow, and the shit still stinks.

Go go go!

Every bridge's troll
Thinks it's justified
Because it asked you nice
For the market price.

Love the beard, billy,
Don't you want to get by?
Punch your clock now
And let the bitty bird fly.

Now go go go!
Go go go!


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