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Posting/Uploading Audio

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Posting/Uploading Audio

Linking to files on other host is allowed and encouraged for sake of bandwidth.

To upload your audio file, attach your file to your post. You can find the attach file dialogue below the body field of your post. 

Only MP3, WMA, APE, AIFF, MID and WAV encoded files can be directly uploaded. Other formats may be considered - please contact us.

Max upload file size is 50MB.

NO DIRECT LINKING on other web sites to files uploaded to MC. Link to your thread instead, but not directly to the file itself.

If you are submitting multiple files for review, please upload them in the same thread. This helps keep the forum less cluttered. Please do not submit more than 3 songs at once per thread.

Cover songs - if you want to *upload* and post a cover song, you must abide by the copyright policy posted here.
All post containing a cover song must post this statement of proof of license:

"I, the poster of this message, which includes an attached audio file containing a cover song or remix, have obtained the necessary permission and/or licensing to do so. I understand that if requested, I must provide proof of said permission to staff within three (3) days."

Report copyright violations to

Note: after 30 days of no activity in your thread, your attachment(s) may be removed to recover disk space.

Critiques of posted material

Criticism when delivered constructively can help an artist. Feedback is important to anyone posting a mix to this forum, so you do not have to be positive. However, insulting the poster, the genre, or the musicianship of the music is NOT ALLOWED.

We are all here to have fun and create art. Please respect your fellow artist!

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