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Rolling Stones tribute project track 3


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3rd completed track - Satisfaction

Vocals: George Williams (napoleonboot) - UK
Drums: Steve Smith (Albino) - UK
Guitar, bass, mix and master: David Timson (Davidinoz)- USA
Lyrics and Composition: Michael Jagger and Keith Richard - UK

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I loved taking part in this one as well.

It comes in like like a freight train and just rolls right on through without stopping.

I am very happy to be part of this project :) it is providing me with much cheer in a fairly dismal time.


George can often be found playing stringy things, and singing...

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Sounds great!
Fantastic mix David!

Enjoying being a part of this project,
Now just need to find more precious time to contribute more during these demanding Covid times!

Great vocals George.

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