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If You Think That's Better (2022 Remix)


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Redid the bass for the tune, and Frank rustled up a super remix! The rest are the  original excellent performances way back in 2013.

If You Think That's Better (c) Andy Gupta 2013, 2022

When you sent me that letter
Saying you wouldn't come and call;
You thought it better
If you weren't here at all
Well if you think that's better
If you think that's better......

You could have told me
What you felt was wrong;
Did you think we'd lost it
Or did we come on strong
Oh you could've told me
You could've told me......

F                             C
Yesterday was a dream away
           F                                 Am
I was in your sights I was on your mind
F                                C                                           G
Now today you've gone and thrown it all away;
        Am Am/G#           Am7/G                             D
Oh you-                why can't you see what you do
                   C          F      (harmony fill gtr C and F)
You do to me
                              C    F  G
Yeah you do to me
Well if you think that's better.......


When the dust will settle
Everything will fall in place;
And if I were to see you
You'd be another human face
Oh yes the dust will settle
The dust will settle..........

Repeat bridge then outro

If you think that's better..... 

Andy Gupta: Original music, lyrics, bass
Frank Zax: Guitars, mix/master
Jay Lemothe: Vocals, keyboards
Alex Zulaika: Drums
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