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The Next Time That I'm Dreaming

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Hi gang, Been a while since I posted a new song here... Collaboration with (Usalabs) Michael Souders and John Vaughan.

Vocals:                      Dom Mercurio/ Hayley Verral
John Vaughan:         Lyrics
Dom Mercurio:         Mix/Production 
Adam Grossman:      Drums     
Steve Williams:         Bongos
Philip Sanders:          Piano
Mike Jordan:             Bass Guitar
Joe Castini:                Acoustic guitar
Michael Sounders:    Piano
Dom Mercurio:         Strings, Steel Guitar

Put my head on the pillow
Then like a cloud drift away
Don't know where I'll be taken
Will the night turn to day? Hu hu hu huh

Not seen him for a long time
Strange, I thought of him today
A sign, I can't forget him
What to do... What can I say?  What can I say?  Uh uh huh

The next time that I'm dreaming
I want to dream we're back again
Still got that same old feeling
It's so real I can't pretend
The next time that I'm dreaming
I want this loneliness to end.
The next time that I'm dreaming
I%u2019ll look for you again
The next time that I'm dreaming
Will dream of you with me again, again, again

Morning came, a sleepless night
Cause all I did was think of you
Night%u2019s not always for dreaming
It's for thinking some things through

 Almost picked up my phone
To tell you how I really feel
Would you want me the same?
Darling these tears are so real

I called you first remember?
but you know, I'd wanted too


Want to stay with you forever                     
can't go through that pain, again-
Without you
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