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All That We Need

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All That We Need (McAndrew/Testa)

Verse 1
Though miles and fathoms lie between us
Pain so great when we're apart
You know deep secrets of my being
And I, the inner secrets of your heart

Verse 2
We surely soon will cross the ocean
Now not long 'til we depart,
One thing that can't be touched by distance
Is your eternal presence in my heart

Chorus 1
All that we need, is the joy of sharing the dawn of a brand new day
While all we need feel is love

Verse 3
And when we look and search around us
Glowing embers burning bright
My mind's eye throws me your reflection
That glows and turns my darkness into light

Chorus 2
All that we need is love that burns bright within our hearts
While all we need feel is that love

Middle 8
From those distant chains that bound us
Senses reeling, true love empowered us

Chorus 3
All that we needed was
love to stir us, make our hearts dance joyfully

Verse 4
Through miles that lay between us
And the pain of being apart
There was not one thing on this earth that could reach between our hearts

Nick Testa  - Music/Acoustic Guitars/Mix and Master
Steve McAndrew - Lyrics/Vocals/BGV's
Andy Gupta - Bass
Alex Zulaika - Drums
Steve Jordan - B3 Organ
Billy Playle - Slide Guitar/ Orchestration (Violins, Cello, Contra)
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Hey guys,

Lovely to see this song completed, it's been a while :). Really nice chords in there, Nick.

I can't help being super impressed with the original performances- guitars, keys, slide and Steve's heartful vocals.

Nick - this must have been a beast to mix, with all that instrumentation.  To my ears, the snare could have drier, but it's a matter of personal taste.

I liked the LANDR master better, sounds more organic/warm.

UPdate: Nick, I like your original master too!

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