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Break With Protocol


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I still love Steve's Connery impression too  8)

We never finish a mix... we simply abandon them.
You can't polish a turd, but you can always spray paint it GOLD
Great songs are not written, they are re-witten

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Geeeeeez! Look what I found!!! >:D

You must have been reading my mind... Yesterday I went here looking for this one and listening to it, lol.

It's still one of the best collabs I've ever been involved with.

I agree guys, superb collab and absolutely remarkable how quickly it came together :) 8)

Yep... this was a classic. A super fun collab.. Hard to beat it.. Etched into my memory forever!!  8)

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another great older post that recently popped it and glad it did.
sounds great.
love those vocals.
rock-n-roll ain't pretty --- that's why they picked us to play it.


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