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how to make ape files?

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I guys.  I have seen many of you use a format quite strange to me.
What would be the best & easiest way to transform wav, wma or aiff into ape.
I use SX 4, XP Pro.  Is there a specific program handling such conversions ?
Thanks for the tip.

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Us windoz users use dbPoweramp for conversion.

Check that thread for links and details.


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You guys use dbpoweramp?  ???

I use Monkey's Audio. I thought that was the original. Easy to use & works for me.


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The reason I like dbpoweramp is that I have all the different choices of formats plugged into one program.... so for auditions I use it to convert to WMA of whatever quality I decide and for finished tracks APE... so it is a great "all in one" audio format program.

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I've heard that dbpoweramp is free but it looks like it's only a trial that's free, is their a free version?

I use monkey because it is free.

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The music converter is free and does not give you the usual nagging ..... buy me! nags... The various codecs are also free.... there is a nominal charge for adding the Lame MP3 codec if desired.... I used it for years for free and finally paid for and registered my copy... adding the MP3 codec.... but I actually was just so pleased with the program after using it for so long I thought I would register it...


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