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Hey Nick !

This is really,really a great site started !
I want to give you a big , big thank you from all of us I think !'s an suggestion.
I was thinking...:

let's say that you start an collab in Studio A.
I was thinking......well to make an long story short,
All updates during the process of how the song progress
should have an small window beside the first post.
Easy for whoever start reading the thread ,so that "whoever"
can easily click at the latest update and listen to the song and were it stands at the present time.

This window or box can only be updated by the author / s of the song !

Hope you understand what I am babbling about.
A Window or a box with the recent update that shows were the song stands
at the English sucks...but..hope you understand what I talkin about !

lemme know !
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Don't want to speak for Nick but we are working on a solution that will really make things streamlined and allow the right people to find the right collab. It's basically allong the same lines. It's still in it's infancy but Mark has done an excellent job of integrating it with the forums. 

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That exact idea will hopefully be the next part of things for the collab module.  It may end up being just a list of all the attachments on any given thread that show up in one place.

The stuff I have going on my test server (which I think you have the info for already) is more for managing auditions, posting comments/phases/stages for where the collab is at, etc.

If anyone else is willing to do some testing let me know and I'll set you up with a link to my test server (which has nothing but a bunch of crap, no real collabs) so we can get all the bugs worked out and get this stuff rolling!


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You are welcome Juhani,

It's funny that this very topic is being worked up as we type! LOL

Are you psychic?  8)

Thanks for the suggestions and I believe you are now a beta tester! We want this place to be TOO easy to use! That's the goal!



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Scary !!  I am psychic  :D
I knew something like this was happening but was'nt quite sure..but now I am ! ;)

tested and it looks and works great i think !
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