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click track!!!

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I am new to recording and would like to hear how everyone comes up with a click track. I have sonar 6 home studio. Cakewalk was quite misleading with the differences between home studio and the xl version. DO you use the midi metronome for a click or do you create a groove clip? I tried the groove clip but s6hs is missing so much as far as loops. there is no option for a click track.
Am I missing something? I'm sure I am.

            dan k,

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I've never been able to figure it out in Sonar either. I think you need to render out the midi to a sound source.

I just use my drum machine (midi'd) and record a few measures, then use sonar's measure loop feature to drag out a full-length click track.

More often, I use a drum loop as my metronome.

The nice folks at OMF have ready-to-use click tracks available. You may have to create an account there.


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Hey dan.

Sonar has a terrible metronome. It has a midi and an audio metronome that you can pick. To tell you the truth, it's easier to open Reaper and create a click in that, render to a wav and import it into sonar.

Like jeff said, you can creat a groove clip with a couple of measures and then drag it out as far as you need.



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I don't use sonar, but what I typically do on my setup is use the built-in audio metronome (on digital performer), then I route the audio playback back into the computer and record it to an actual track when I need to pass it along to someone else.

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hey guy's,

  thanks for the info, all very helpfull and reassuring. Now maybe I can finish a song after 4 months of computer problems and computer ignorance.Thanks again

 dan k,

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hey nick,

 Would it be possible to have a thread with click track loops and basic drum loops to help out some of us newer members or would that be just to much work. That link that jeff posted had a variety of click tracks and I did not have to join. I think that might help some less expierienced people stick around and contribute to the site a little more. just some input thats all,

  DAN K,

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I think that's a pretty good idea, Dan.

I seldom use a click track.  I use it to lead in to my tracks so that it will be easier to synchronize with everything else submitted for the song.

When I start from scratch on something, I usually find or create a drum pattern that comes close to what I want for the song.  Then I can play against that and have a sense of the count and the flow of the piece.  Just using a click doesn't offer that, and my playing ends up sounding less "human."

When I do use a click, it's usually a drum module playing a stick click or a clave triggered by MIDI.

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it's easy enough to create stand alone click tracks, I think.. just start a new project in your daw, set the tempo, play an 8 count hi hat sound (for example).. quantize it and render that to a wav..

kind of a neat idea having clicks at different tempos for users to download, but it is a simple operation and maybe one that would be helpful to a beginner to do just to learn how to do that sort of thing.

now if I could only get into the habit of using that click track before I lay down my tracks, everything would be good.  :D


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I usually just create a midi track and link it to one of the drum modules I have and do quarter notes on a hi hat or cowbell.  Nick linked to a cowbell vst plugin over in Free Plugins forum that I have been using lately.

Here is a link to the VSTi - Revel in the blandness of a base install of Joomla


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