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Some Upload help needed.


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This is the Using the Board section and I'm hoping someone could help me to get files off the board.

Not many, just what people submit to me.

I can download large files if they are on my FTP site but the http: or php limits my downloads to about 3mb.

So I would need someone to download a file from the board then upload it to my ftp site.

If you can use a ftp program then you could upload the file "as is"

If you use the web front end then you would need to zip the file. The http uploads only allow .jpg .zip and a few others.

I need to get something else figured out but if someone could help me out I would appreciate it. Also free web storage if you need some.

Anyone know how to implement a slurp page? If I had that then I could pull files to my site...

Thanks all


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