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Great job on the board !!


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Hi Nick; I just wanted to express my thanks and admiration for a GREAT Collab site, as a coder myself I know all the work and fixes you have put into this and I thoroughly enjoy using MC, which is probably the best collab site out there PERIOD !!!

GREAT JOB, kudos to you and your contributors !!!

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Thanks Stephen,

Mark (Gerk) does the php amd mySql coding. I'm an idea man  ;) ...and do the easy stuff!

I think we have the best collaborators out there. And sure turn out some great stuff!


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Ditto to Stephen and Bill Nick, great site and thanks for your time and effort (and expense!) to make this such a musical oasis.

I am off work just now so not posting as much as I would normally but that will hopefully all change again soon :)

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yes Nick's site is the easiest to collab on. It makes perfect sense. The uploading and downloading in the threads is the best method. Other sites are too complicated with ftp's and other weird stuff. I'm always inviting musicians here.  :)

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Thanks folks, glad you're all digging things :)  I am a firm believer in the KISS rule!


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