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Smoke On The Water - Band

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Well done was a gas.

Purple always panned hard to the sides Nick so no problems there in my opinion bro.

Mr B also used to just use Marshall 100 heads that had been modded for more treble with no pedals. He sometimes used an octivider and I also remember him using a revox reel-to-reel for delay but I don't recall anything else.

Now all we need is a Zeppelin competition............................... :) :)

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Well....we took some chances. Interesting what they thought. I got gigged on the panning hard. Funny, it's panned like the original!

I don't know that we changed the chording. It was brought to my attention that song is implied Gm and the vocal harmony is a major (my fault B). All in all the comments were good and i am proud of the work that everyone did!


Judges Comments:
Ian: Nice guitar, drums, keys. Band is hot.
Michael: Nice guitar playing in the intro. Not sure if I love the harmonies put into the verses, but big points for doing that, and their well done. Overall, good feel on the basic tracks. The chord change under the solo sounded like the wrong ones to me, a minor point, but the change wasn't an improvement.
John: Oh my goodness what's with the panning on the intro? - when the right kicks in it's good
Awesome lead guitar player
Solid rhythm section
Good leads and background vocals (perhaps consider backing off the BG's and let the lead go for it until later in the song)
Great lead guitar solos - feels a bit dry - you should buy some pedals
Third verse vocals are really good (this time you have the BG's right)
Clear potential on this one


I read some of John's comment's on the other renditions...  You're right - John doesn't know much about Blackmore or the original recording of the tune.

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Hey everyone. I dunno wtf John is talking about - our version is panned the same, unless I'm missing something...

Awesome job by everyone!!!  8)

Up the Irons!!!

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Good stuff folks.  Ian said the band was hot .. he didn't say that about any other ones ;)  Some he didn't even comment on or had single word comments (i.e. ok, turn that crap off and play the next tune)

As for John the "get some pedals" comment made me laugh .. who is this guy anyway .. and has he heard the original LOL?  The panning was the same as Purple's version :)


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I listened, I liked, I voted.  This was a great collab.  I'm going to download and play it on my Frontier with the big sub-woofer and drive around the neighborhood with the windows rolled down.  This is a keeper.
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I think it was a great job by everyone and I was glad to be a part of it. The re-creation of a classic done to perfecton. Bring on the Zep.

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Excellent old ROCKER!! 8) 8)
I need to look around these old finished songs more often. GREAT JOB to any who actually remember participating in this one! LOL

Damn it Jim! I'm a WRITER - not a Doctor!!

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Excellent old ROCKER!! 8) 8)
I need to look around these old finished songs more often. GREAT JOB to any who actually remember participating in this one! LOL


Glad you looked at this one John, Im on this site a couple of years and wasn't aware of this. Excellent version, I can't fault any aspect of it. Brilliant  Job and great mix IMHO 8)

Is it too late to vote  ;D ;D


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John, I'm glad you do the work for us and bring up all those old collabs again. I think I hadn't heard this one before.

Great work, guys! Too bad it cannot be put up on public web sites for others to listen to due to the copyright issues ...

But we have enough talent here for original songs of the same quality, haven't we? :)

Always looking for opportunities to mix your songs. Feel free to ask!
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Time runs fast... It looks like this was yeaterday and it was in August 2006.
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Interesting thread !

I'm with Nick on the intro panning...that other guy doesn't know he's talking about.

We never finish a mix... we simply abandon them.
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excellent! a proud moment in the history of online collaboration!

Great job all.


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