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Have A Ball - Reprise

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Thanks for listening guys!

When I wrote the music for this, I kept telling the drummer to speed up. I wanted it so fast I had a hard time keeping up. It used to be called "158" because it ran 1:58!

I sent it to Steve and thought he wouldn't like it. But he came up with those brilliant lyrics.

I always thought "cunning stunt" was a play on words!  >:D



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Cunning Stunt..........I don't know what you mean guys!! >:D >:D >:D >:D

Thanks Nick, another great tune 8)

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As for the Blitz thing, do you guys remember a band, I believe from Switzerland, called "Krokus"?
They had a version of the "Ballroom Blitz" tune, much like this Nick and Steve's tune
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Sounds like Ac Dc and Gun n roses put together. Great job you guys.


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Absolutely excellent.

George can often be found playing stringy things, and singing...

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This is super all around. Production, playing, singing and mixing.

It's over already? I've got to play it again!


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Makes me wanna listen to Ace of Spades  ;D  Nice one.

We never finish a mix... we simply abandon them.
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I can't remember for sure, but I'm sure Nick's original title was something like 158 because that's how long it was ;D ;D

Glad you like it anyway :) :)


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