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Rolling Stones project track 4 - All Over Now


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Track 4, All Over Now.

Originally written by Bobby Womack of the Valentinos. The Stones' cover version was apparently their first number one hit in the UK.

Vocals, Guitar solo: George Williams (napoleonboot) - UK
Keyboards: Jay Schankman (J) - USA
Drums: Steve Smith (Albino) - UK
Bass, Rhythm Guitar, mix and master: David Timson (Davidinoz)- USA
Lyrics and Composition: Bobby Womack - USA

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I wonder if the world will ever again experience something as simple yet fun as the spirit of 60’s-70’s rock and roll. But I suppose every generation feels as strongly about their own music.

Enjoying it immensely.  8)

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Also... a lack of computers involved in the recording. Maybe that is related!
George can often be found playing stringy things, and singing...

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Love it!

Great performances from everyone.

Great mix David.

I'm really enjoying doing this project.

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Hey Guys!

This really turned out great.
It Bounces, and that is what this tune should do!
Nice Mix David. The music sounds great!


"...My life just Ain't TV..."


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