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I didn't know where to post this but here we go

My name is Lino Gonzalez.
I collaborated with some folks from this page and it had been a blast.

If any of you need a producer, programmer, session guitarist for your next CD or single FREE OF CHARGE let me know please!

Just contact me MSN, FACEBOOK, SKYPE :

Thanks for your time!!

SKYPE : eventualproductions
TWITTER : @EVPproductions

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What the???  You Bored??

You charged me $1000.00 bucks for the last song you produced for me!! >:( ;D ;D ;D ;D

Just messin around.  Nice to see you back Lino. ;)
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Tell me about it Jay!  I accepted LINO's offer of electric guitars for "I Remember" and never heard from the guy again.  That was two years ago! :o >:( ;D

(j/k LINO, welcome back ;D)


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