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Newbie needs HUGE help!!


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I am brand new to this forum and this type of recording with others over the net. I am NOT computer savvy and need a great deal of help. I have no idea of how to even start. If anyone can point me to any tutorials or something I can read to help get me up and running I would be incredibly appreciative. I dont even know how to download a file and get it into my garageband on my Mac to record a track on it. And then of course I dont know how to upload it again after im done.
    Yes folks the worst newbie ever I will freely admit it. If anyone can help me I will send them my first born or my left arm or anything else they would want. I am very excited about getting started and just cant seem to figure this out.

    Thanks every and have a great day, Eric "audible"

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Hi and welcome! The first thing to know  is how to upload....when you click "reply" on a thread, below the text box you'll see "additional options". Click on that and a browse box will open. :)

Maybe one of the guys can explain the garage band stuff. Good luck and there are no stupid questions, so ask away!


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