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Big files!


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I've noticed a lot of 192k files but I guess that ain't too much more than 128k.

I was downloading something from the opinions forum at 443k and 15meg.

Don't think you need that kind of space to show an idea.

It was on his own server, but it's a lot to download.

Guess I wouldn't complain if I had dsl.

The bandwidth police are coming!

Errrrrrrr   rrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrr.

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Most times I will throw up 128k for testing Ideas and auditions. Sometimes if I put a lot of work into the mix and parts I will go 192k.

Dsl in Chicago is $12.99 a month. I know it is more in California. Free in San Fran! :)


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I would definately have dsl even if it was $50 a month.

I'm in the sticks though, no dsl.

Satallite access is expensive like $600 going in and $69 a month and it's not as fast as dsl.

Eventually fiber will make it out this way.

I have dsl at the office so if I need to upload/download a bunch of wav files I would go there.


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That blows!  Not being in the sticks, that's cool.  It is really hard to do anything on dial up, even surfing on it would take it's toll on me!

I used to start a download before I went to sleep and shut the monitor off.  God, that was so long ago it seems.  But, I still remember what it was like.  People forget that not everyone has fast Internet, especially web developers. 

My issue over here (like it's a problem or something) is my upload speed.  It's 7 mbps down, which is damn fast, but up is 512K.  I guess the "Business" package is better.  They restrict it so I don't make a full blown server out of my computer i guess.


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