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Call of the Twilight V-Band: Call of the Twilight

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I can't think what it reminded me of but I liked it   :)  :)  :) ...maybe something off my Dad's Supertramp records ?

I pretty much like anything with Steve singing , a fine song topped off with a nice mix.

We never finish a mix... we simply abandon them.
You can't polish a turd, but you can always spray paint it GOLD
Great songs are not written, they are re-witten

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Thanks guys 8) 8)

It has been an absolute bummer of a year and I still have the last hurdle of the sale of my father's house (long story) to complete although it is getting there.

`you have no idea how much I miss not only this place but my life that is music. :( :(

This screamer has to, and so much wants to return but I'm being thwarted at every level at the moment. Why is the muse so fragile, although my life circumstances this year would have breached it, even if made of cast iron!!

Cheers my musical buds, I sure miss you all :( :(

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maybe something off my Dad's Supertramp records ?

LMAO.. CD... Your that young? Damn man... I loved Supertramp. Still do. That was during my time.  ;D

WOW GUYS!!! NICE!! DAMN...... What a great sounding mix. Superb!! Really clear. 8)  Fantastic music and a hell of a build. I'd say one of the top songs on the site for sure. LOVE THIS !! Get back when you can Steve. We need your energy around here bro.  :)


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Thanks Dave and CD. :)

No rush on the project Steve.  ;)
Yes I am anxious have to get though the live stuff. Sometimes it sucks. :'( I pray God help you through.  ;)
I just went through my dad's death and dealing with the estate and a cranky step-sister. Still not through yet, but the majority is over. Hang in there bro. ;)


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