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Alternatives to Sonar?


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Hey all long time. Glad to see this site is still going strong

I recently upgraded to a water cooled i7 rig for BF3/Skyrim and I'm thinking of using it to do some recording. I have Sonar 6 Producer now and before I start suckling on the Sonar teat once again I'd thought I'd ask if there was any good Windows based alternatives to Sonar, preferably open source. I know about Reaper and Audacity, but I was wondering if there are any new entries in the game in the last few years. I do audio and MIDI recording and use VSTs.

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Studio One , Harrison Mixbus both worth taking a look at. Mind you Sonar X1 is has moved quite a long way from V6 it would seem like a new platform too.

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Harrison Mixbus doesn't have MIDI yet, which makes it unusable for a lot of people.  I couldn't live without my softsynths.

Studio One looks nice.


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