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NickT says: Dom - Mostly bots from search engines.  :'(
Mimmo says: Most I've seen in a long time 120!
Mimmo says: It's great to see all the guests on line here... Right now11:30 AM Eastern . I just wished they would sign in so we know who's out there 8) 8) 8) 8)
Johnny-Boy says: I mean "Cal DiFalco & me" - ha, ha
Johnny-Boy says: Hey everyone! Johnny-Boy from the past here. If Curtis Downey is around. Did you sing the song "Believe to See" for Cal DiFalco and I?
AndyG6508 says: Nothing to do to save his life, call his wife in
Nothing to say, but, "What a day, how's your boy been?"
Mimmo says: Hello, hello hello!!!
NickT says: Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning-ga
Mimmo says: I have been locked out of my Facebook account... Since yesterday's shut down... I'm using now a different page, if you receive a frien's request, it is me
AndyG6508 says: just nod if you can hear me
NickT says: Hello...hello....hello... Is ther anybody in here?
NickT says: Thanks Andy! Doing well!
AndyG6508 says: Hi Nick,
Hope you are recovering well and much better.
NickT says: I am mixing more than I did back in the day!  ;)
Mimmo says: Hi Nick...It has been for a while, I check in almost every day, Not too much going on
NickT says: Wow...This site is slower than I thought!
Mimmo says: Happy New Year to all
Billy says: Have a bright and safe 2024.
NickT says: Happy New Year! May 2024 be kind to us all!
Mimmo says: Merry Christmas to all, All the best for the New Year
Mimmo says: Merry Christmas to all, All the best for the New Year
NickT says: A Verry Merry Christmas to All!
spacecube says: "One by One" Lyric Video by Elemental (Jeremey Hunsicker & Juhani Nahkala)
jeff says: Hey what's up?
Mr. Mom says: Happy New Year!
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