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Mimmo says: Hi John, good to see you back...Happy  Holidays
Johnny-Boy says: Been awhile. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!
PVD says: Very sorry to hear about Gary.
NickT says: So sorry to hear about Gary. He loved collabing with musicians. Prayers for his family.  :'(
Albino says: What truly awful news about Gary.  My thoughts are with his family.  He was a true talent here and he will be missed.
j says: Terrible news. I am so sorry to hear this.  :'(
Zax says: Really sad news.
AndyG6508 says: I am really sad to learn about Gary's passing.  What a nightmare this COVID thing is.
napoleonboot says: we have learnt that Gary Miller passed away in August from COVID, he was a fine fellow and musician and had been collaborating on this site for many years.
napoleonboot says: Mimmo - see my PM about my efforts to contact Gary
Mimmo says: Yeah, he also posted here late in  July and said that he had been exposed to Covid, I was wondering if anyone is in touch with him
napoleonboot says: He posted on FB at the end of July, he had just had COVID at that time. I will message him there. If no reply I will call him tomorrow.
Mimmo says: Hi Guys,Have any of you heard anything from Gary...
His last post was back at the end of July.
Albino says: ;D
NickT says: ;D
jeff says: :P
NickT says: Hang in there Steve! I have family there. Stick to your safety protocols.
Albino says: COVID is so HOT were I live.
Don't believe our press, we (england)  are under the kosh!
(I Wanna be Canadian)
Albino says: Sorry guys for not being active. But our gov has decided to gamble with it's population, and try Herd Immunity! Suffice to say we ar under prepared and I AM BUSY AS FO*K!. Please be patient with me!
NickT says: Hello!
NickT says: Zeal. There is a great "how to" section! And any collaborations can be found in the Studio A Section!
Billy says: Hello Zeal. Welcome.
ZzEeAaLl says: How do I find and listen to tracks that need lyrics?
NickT says: Hello Bill!
r4m says: Hi everybody! Hope all of you are doing well! Just dropping in to check up on you and sitting here with a smile on my face checking out some finished collabs and some in the making! Sounding awesome!!
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