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napoleonboot says: Sorry Nick no. I did a couple of songs with LMK, but never got his email address. I do remember asking him him what his real name was, and he didn't tell me. He did say it was NOT Neil, even though some people referred to him in the forum that way due to a historic mix-up. Sorry. From site stats I can see he logged in in Feb this year.
NickT says: does anyone know how to get ahold of LMK?
Mimmo says: Sorry, my bad...The audacity program I have does not do that, only .mp3, OGG and .wav...Retractingt my statement.
Mimmo says: Audacity does the trick for me 8) 8)
napoleonboot says: Jeff, if you on Windows,  "MediaHuman Audio Convertor" is what you want. It's super.
jeff says: What is a good WAV to WMA file converter?  I can't remember what software I used to use.
Studioplayer says: I need to get my work on Spotify. What's the best route to do it?
Stoney says: Hi Guys .. I have just started an Indie focused playlist on Spotify ... I have added myself and Henry if anyone has music over there and would like an add then please drop a link below ...
NickT says: Happy Holidays Gang!
Mimmo says: Happy holidays to all of you whereber you are
Mimmo says: Hi John, good to see you back...Happy  Holidays
Johnny-Boy says: Been awhile. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!
PVD says: Very sorry to hear about Gary.
NickT says: So sorry to hear about Gary. He loved collabing with musicians. Prayers for his family.  :'(
Albino says: What truly awful news about Gary.  My thoughts are with his family.  He was a true talent here and he will be missed.
j says: Terrible news. I am so sorry to hear this.  :'(
Zax says: Really sad news.
AndyG6508 says: I am really sad to learn about Gary's passing.  What a nightmare this COVID thing is.
napoleonboot says: we have learnt that Gary Miller passed away in August from COVID, he was a fine fellow and musician and had been collaborating on this site for many years.
napoleonboot says: Mimmo - see my PM about my efforts to contact Gary
Mimmo says: Yeah, he also posted here late in  July and said that he had been exposed to Covid, I was wondering if anyone is in touch with him
napoleonboot says: He posted on FB at the end of July, he had just had COVID at that time. I will message him there. If no reply I will call him tomorrow.
Mimmo says: Hi Guys,Have any of you heard anything from Gary...
His last post was back at the end of July.
Albino says: ;D
NickT says: ;D
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