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NickT says: Of course. We have many lyricist here!
John W Selleck says: Before I go too far, are lyricists welcome here? I was a musician, but not anymore.
NickT says: now I'm a believer
AndyG6508 says: then i saw her face!!!
NickT says: And we'll meet you at the station...
AndyG6508 says: Take the last train to Clarkesville...
NickT says: Beautiful Sunday Morning!
 ;D :) ;D
NickT says: Happy Saturday Night!
NickT says: 8) 8) 163 songs in the players!!!!!  8) 8)
usalabs says: Yayyyyy, the collab menu is back, and I see some extra buttons in 'My Collab' section too
Pleasuredome says: 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
docmidnite says: Hey guys! Welldone!!!! So cool!!!
Albino says: Yes, thanks Nick
AndyG6508 says: Good to see the new songs in the player Nick. Many thanks.
Albino says: AGREED!
NickT says: ;D Agreed!  8)
Albino says: Everyone. From now on, do not shy away from your ID3 tag info, SORT IT!
NickT says: It would be great! So from now on, How about everyone actually fill out the ID3 tags when making mp3's! The player would actually search all the fields! I Don't always know all the info. And it would have taken me forever to Batch covert and fill it out.
Albino says: just an idea but I think it would be
good if we could search the player by Genre, writer, artist, song title, collaborators etc
NickT says: Just loaded another 20 songs!
NickT says: The MP3 Player is loaded with about 30 new mastered songs from Cosmic Dolphin!!!!!  8) ;D ;D ;D 8) 8)
Mr. Mom says: Nod
NickT says: Hello...hello....hello
Is there anybody in here?
Just nod if you can hear me
NickT says: Mark (CD) sent a bunch of new songs over the were mastered. Will be adding them to the player! 8)
NickT says: Managed to get the mp3 player up and the Collab-Menu. Slowly but surely. And a special thanks to Gerk/Mark for getting out collab search working with the new PHP.  ;D 8) ;)
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