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This is NOT a spam, just what I think is a good deal for us musicians who want to share our music, share our files for collab's or whatever. This is a new feature like Dropbox only better! It is faster, you get more space (15Gb) and if someone shares something with you it doesn't count towards your personal storage capacity. And if you sign up with the referral link below you'll get an extra 5Gb, giving you 20Gb upon signing up. You can share a lot of MP3's with that!

WAY better than Dropbox! Drop box only gives 2.5GB of space.

I tried to post an embedded link but it kept failing so copy and paste (DON'T CLICK!) the link below into your browser. Make sure you copy the entire link or you won't get the extra 5GB!
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I signed up...I usually use Google Drive and Dropbox however I can always use more storage.

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Signed up

Downloaded software

Simple to use...drag and drop in Copy folder and it automatically uploads to the cloud...You see a little check mark when file is done uploading.

I like so far


Edit:removed link...Use Jeff7's link to get the extra 5GB.
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Thanks, Jeff!

Always looking for opportunities to mix your songs. Feel free to ask!
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i too like google drive but i will have to give this a whirl.
i wonder if they have an app for my phone too like google drive does?
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