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Catatonia [hallucinagenic for female]

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I've been shopping for a dream,
Different planes
And colored pieces of the floor

I can't seem to find one--
I need sleep and then some!
All the pictures that I see . . .

Is on the wine dark sea.
Let the bath tub fill up
And rock my boat to sleep.

I imagine us,
And I don't know what you'll say
When you find out
What I
Did today . . .

Oh, but is there a light
And I don't know what it means
When frozen on the floor is a relief.

Sofa, I'd be fine on you,
But you'll have to wait a while
My cat, Antonia, likes it
Right here on the tile.

I've been mopping as I wink
In and out of sleep.
I feel insane,
Of all vitality.

What I can't ignore
It doesn't seem to bee
All the red and blue and green . . .

Watching the soldiers
Go on and on
The old woman
The ballerina . . .
The wings . . .



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