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Mixing on phones

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I mix with phones untill final few mixes.

Then listen through speakers/monitors to finish it off.

I dont use any Externalizer plugin any more.

You dont need it.

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If you want to try out some great plugins, including a Headphone Compensator program, go here & grab the bundle...

I feel the JB Isone Pro is the best free  Headphone Compensator out there, and now it is back for free! Isone is not for everyone, but I feel that it does help get a better overall balance that translates well to the outside world. It also has a good variety of simulated speaker systems to check your mixes on, saving some running around testing your mix on various speakers. Tho it will NOT replace the real listening environment, it does work well.

Just tossing this out there for folks who might be interested!  8)
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Jeroen's plugins are nice (even though the GUIs are tiny). I bought Izotone years ago and did use it a couple of times, but mixing on head phones never really worked well for me - even when I thought it did.

You always perceive sounds quite differently on head phones (with or without tools like Izotone), and there is also the psychological problem of knowing (and feeling) that there is something on your head which does not allow you to "believe" it's a real room you mix in.

In fact I've never heard a really good phones mix yet.

A big problem when mixing with head phones (especially without room simulators like Izotone) is that the ears get tired much sooner than with speakers. It only takes - at most - a couple of minutes, and you think everything you do sounds right, even though it actually sounds terrible.

Besides, you destroy your ears that way. But I think that's clear anyway.

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It was some versions ago, I don't know if it still is... As far as I remember, it was in cubase 5.

Paulo, do you know if this Externalizer plug-in is also included in CB?
I nerver heard of it before...
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